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“Handcrafted” by Joe Lisjo. ft. Tailgunner Exhaust

  "Handcrafted" by Joe Lisjo. ft. Tailgunner Exhaust [youtube id='78vUbVi6zhk' width='620' height='350' autoplay='off' border='on']   "Handcrafted 2" by Joe Lisjo. ft. Tailgunner Exhaust [youtube id='Is82vFpbBUQ' width='620' height='350' autoplay='off' border='on'] And for Pioneer Joe Lisojo's next bit of voodoo... The hat-trick. "The next project is an old bread truck. I'm g...

Interceptor M134X Build Gallery

Update - Video captured of M134X aiming system **Cleared for Release** [youtube id="61R3cekyDak" width="640" height="480" autoplay="off"] Build gallery updated 16.June.2015 Click below [mediagrid cat="253" filter="0" title_under="0" r_width="auto"]    

Tailgunner – Dillon Aero “Interceptor M134X” Press Release

  Tailgunner To Build Worlds First Fully Integrated Weaponized Motorcycle. ******************** TOP SECRET - EYES ONLY ******************** "INTERCEPTOR M134X" PROJECT BRIEFING Location: West Tisbury, MA (41.3831276,-70.6736568) Date: 09-JANUARY-2015 Time: 13:30 hrs ZULU The military version of the "Interceptor M134X" will be able to aim, and fire 3,000 armor piercing rounds per m...


[clear] Tailgunner’s Special Project Division “GUNNER” bike is currently available for purchase. It’s unique design and attention to detail make it ideal for a top collector or enthusiast. FOR SALE $30,000 Click on photo below to activate slideshow. [mediagrid cat="223" filter="0" title_under="0" r_width="auto"]  Read about the build as featured in "Cycle World" magazine here. ...


[clear] Click on photo below to activate slideshow. [mediagrid cat="224" filter="0" title_under="0" r_width="auto"]   John Henry is currently enjoying his new home at BUSH’S BEST. Thank you Jay.  

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