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There is no greater performance upgrade you can make than the POWER-PACK full stage one. Lucky for you, it’s entirely a bolt-on procedure. The POWER-PACK offers you the best of everything you need for your bagger at a POWER-FULL savings.

Power Pack backTailgunner GUNSHIPS – your choice of chrome with black barrels or chrome with silver barrels.
Regularly $899.99 / POWER-PACK price $799.99 / You Save $100.00

S&S Chrome Power Tune Dual Head Pipes
Regularly $539.95 / POWER-PACK price $ 499.95 / You Save $40.00

Dynojet Power Commander V – with plug & play map pre-installed for your bike.
Regularly 379.99 / POWER-PACK price $339.99 / You Save $40.00

S&S AirStream Air Cleaner Kit – Complete kit
Regularly 275.95 / POWER-PACK price $240.07 / You Save $35.88

Tailgunner T Shirt – your choice of design and size L-XXL.
Regularly 29.99 / POWER-PACK price $19.99 / You Save $10.00

1 Large and 2 Medium Tailgunner All Weather Stickers
Regularly 8.50 / POWER-PACK price FREE / You Save $8.50

• FEDEX ground shipping: The whole kit and caboodle!
Regularly $79.95 / POWER-PACK price FREE / You Save $79.95

Regular Retail Price of $2,214.36

POWER-PACK Price $1899.99


The Power-Pack may require 7-10 business days for shipping depending on the tuning map and components required for your motorcycle.

"RACE ONLY" Disclaimer
TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C. products are "Race Only" products, and are not designed, intended, or legal for use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle, device or system. Purchaser specifically represents, warrants and acknowledges the product(s) he/she is buying from TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST L.L.C., are for competition or racing (closed-course competition) purposes and may not be legal for use on public roads. Purchaser acknowledges TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C., Inc. has no control over the actual use or application of the products purchased. By purchasing the products of TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C., purchaser relieves and indemnifies TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C., Inc. from any and all related costs and liabilities, and assumes any and all risks and liabilities associated with the use and application of such products.

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