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Power Commander V – Stock Unit


Dynojet Power Commander V

• Easy to install. Plug and Play.
• Made and developed in conjunction with most Dynos in the field.
• Dynojet is the professional’s choice and the world leader in fuel management.
• More adjustability for additional components.

For all 2002 and up H-D Touring models.

Please include the following information about your bike in the Order Notes section at Checkout:

– Year (YYYY)
– Make (Harley-Davidson, etc.)
– Model (Road King, Street Glide, etc.)
– Engine Size (88″, 96″, 103″, etc.)
– Mufflers & Head-Pipes (True Duals, Slip-Ons, 2 into1, Stock, etc. – include brand/model)
– Cams (Stock, Andrews 54g, S&S510, etc.- include brand/model)
– Air Filter (Stock, Screaming Eagle, S&S, etc.- include brand/model)

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dynojet_research_inc_logoDynojet – Power Commander V


The New Power Commander V is loaded with tons of new features!

– Less than half of the size of PCIII
– USB powered from computer
– 2 position map switching function built in
– Gear input (allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed)
– 10 throttle position columns


Why re-tune your bike?

Your bike comes from the factory tuned to have a certain amount of fuel and air going into the engine, and a certain amount of spent fuel and air (exhaust) leaving the engine. When you increase the exhaust flow by using a less restrictive muffler and header system, you create that big, deep Harley sound we all love, and better performance. But you also alter the rate of exhaust flow that your bike was tuned to. This causes the bike to become out of tune. And typically run lean, which is to say hot. The same is true when you upgrade to a high performance air filter, as it lets more air into the engine, causing the engine to become out of tune.

By adding a Dynojet Power Commander V with a pre-installed map for your bike, you instantly, and easily readjust the air / fuel ratio bringing it back into tune for more performance, better fuel economy, and longer life.


Tuning Chart:

• Stock From Factory:


Retuning Not Required

• Muffler Replacement Only:

Still pretty well tuned.

Retuning Not Mandatory

• Muffler and Head-Pipe Replacement:

Out of Tune.

Retuning Required

• Muffler and Air Filter Replacement:

Out of Tune.

Retuning Required

• Muffler, Air Filter, Head-Pipe Replacement:

Out of Tune.

Retuning Required


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