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Tailgunner® Radio Flyers – Black/Black (Pair)


Radio Flyers are an easy, direct bolt-on for all 1995 – 2017 Harley-Davidson touring models.

Black muffler body with black end-caps and chrome trim accents.

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Tailgunner Exhaust Radio Flyers – With unmatched elegance, Radio Flyers gracefully enhance the traditional, distinctive character of Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. The classic trim accents highlight the impressive four-inch-diameter muffler bodies and flow smoothly into the CNC sculpted end-caps. They are constructed using the finest materials and craftsmanship obtainable. Radio Flyers produce an exceptionally deep tone. The volume is slightly louder than stock Harley-Davidson mufflers while still allowing the rider to comfortably listen to an audio system. With uncompromising attention to detail, and the very best performance in the business, Tailgunner Exhaust exclusively offers this unique and stunning American-made exhaust system.

No Re-Tuning – No Downloads – No programming needed with addition of mufflers only. ReTuning with a Dyno-Jet PowerCommander is recommended with the addition of dual head pipes, air filter and other engine component upgrades.



7 reviews for Tailgunner® Radio Flyers – Black/Black (Pair)

  1. TailgunnerUSA

    Attached are some photos of the Radio Flyers mufflers on my 2012 Road Glide Ultra. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and the sound of these mufflers! They sound just as your webite described… Perfect for a long distance touring bike like my Road Glide Ultra. They give the bike a presence, but are subltle and really compliment the nature of the Road Glide.

    Mike McNamara

  2. TailgunnerUSA

    They are very HOT looking pipes… great sound and lots of comments on them!

    Lynda Clark

  3. TailgunnerUSA

    Here are photos of my Von Braun mufflers and a view of desert at Mount Bromo, Indonesia. My Comment for my new Exhaust “It gives a deep and rich sound that makes my Ultra Classic more stylish and unique compared to others. Good Job.

    Hosea Chandra Guntara

  4. TailgunnerUSA

    Tom Ross and myself love the new additions to our Harleys. Thanks for the great service and we hope to stop by the shop on a future trip to the cape-cod / island area.

    Tom Dowe, Burlington, Vermont

  5. TailgunnerUSA

    These Radio Flyers were exactly what I needed for my Road King. They give it that classic, deep Harley sound without being too loud. I think they are the best sounding pipes I’ve ever heard. They look great too. Thanks for helping my bike stand out from all the others.

    John Hoff

  6. TailgunnerUSA

    Radio Flyers on 2012 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Mufflers received, installed today by dealer (Walters Bros. H-D in Peoria, IL). Took pictures today and will e-mail you three or four. They are not only the best looking exhaust pipes I have ever seen, they perform wonderfully, and sound great. This is my seventh H-D bike, each with a different exhaust, yours is the best.

    Michael Maloof

  7. TailgunnerUSA

    I’ve been talking about my satisfaction with the VB pipes with my buddies. They have the perfect level of sound, which allows me to hear my mp3, my wife and the traffic and, at the same time give me a sensation of a carbureted motorcycle. And the chrome still brand new although I’m living near the sea shore. Talking about Brazil, I’m glad to inform you that I’m opening a motorcycle rental company (only Harleys by now and from September on) and I’d like to study the possibility to resale your products here. Best regards.

    Alexander Marinho

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