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tailgunner exhaust
We Believe In Thinking Differently
We don’t want a bike like everybody else’s. We like things that are unique. And we are not afraid of being thought of as a maverick. We are not “different” for the sake of being different. We are, simply, comfortable with who we are, and aren’t worried about “fitting in.” Tailgunner owners value integrity, sound design, and parts that are made in the USA.


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tailgunner exhaust, Harley-Davidson Baggers, Can-Am Spyder

Tailgunner USA is proud to sponsor the company advertisements below. Each of them is outstanding in their field. Please visit them.


"RACE ONLY" Disclaimer
TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C. products are "Race Only" products, and are not designed, intended, or legal for use on any pollution controlled motor vehicle, device or system. Purchaser specifically represents, warrants and acknowledges the product(s) he/she is buying from TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST L.L.C., are for competition or racing (closed-course competition) purposes and may not be legal for use on public roads. Purchaser acknowledges TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C., Inc. has no control over the actual use or application of the products purchased. By purchasing the products of TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C., purchaser relieves and indemnifies TAILGUNNER® EXHAUST, L.L.C., Inc. from any and all related costs and liabilities, and assumes any and all risks and liabilities associated with the use and application of such products.

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